Cab service in Delhi

69, Connaught Place New Delhi, India

Cabsguru is an online and app based platform. Any user can book intra-city, inter-city, self-drive cars via our application and can specifically book inter-city cabs via our website
In case you are planning to book 2 or more cars for your travel, please contact us at and we will guide and arrange it for you.
In case you don’t receive any SMS/Mail from Cabsguru for your booking confirmation, please contact us at We will get in touch with you with the required details.
We are sorry that we were not able to meet your expectations. Please tell us what you don’t like about the cab and we will ensure that the vehicle is improved before future travels. We evaluate the cabs on the basis of your feedback and would love to receive more from you to make our services better.
We apologize that you had to go through a bad experience with the driver. Kindly write to us at about the problem you are facing/had faced. We will ensure that necessary action is taken against the driver by his employer.

The intra-city cabs are priced as per the chosen service such as Ola, Taxi For Sure, Meru, Easycabs etc. The inter-city services have a fixed price on per km basis along with other charges which will be shown before the booking. The self-drive is charged mostly per day the cab is booked for.

These charges may change and will be available on our app and website (

For more information on Booking and Cancellation policy, please check here for the latest information.

For intra-city cab booking there is no advance payment.

For inter-city and self-drive car booking, some advance (generally 10%) needs to be paid and the rest can be paid as cash to the driver. The option of paying 100% online is also available to the commuter.

For inter-city travel the commuter needs to pay. These are in addition to per km charge and driver charges that are quoted at the time of the booking. For any queries, contact Cabsguru.

During intra-city travel, the pricing and the taxes will be charged as per the policy of the service provider

Please login to your account and go to the bookings. You will get the option to cancel your booking. After we have processed your cancellation request you will receive an email and your refunds (if any) will be handled in 10-15 days.