Cab service in Delhi

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We are Cabsguru

At Cabsguru, we aim to make possible our motto of “One app for all Cab”. We ensure easy and simple travel at all fronts whether it be intra-city cab booking, self-drive car or inter-city taxi travel.

Cabsguru was founded with the idea of convenient and economical travel. As a team we want to be the one stop solution to all your cab needs, for every place and at any given time. Using technology as our launching pad, we want to change the cab booking space in the country by providing low fares, comfortable customer services while making travel fun. The ultimate aim is to make cab bookings economical and safer for commuters in accordance to their needs, with Cabsguru being the best solution to it.

We started in 2013 by launching our Android app which acted as a meta search platform for booking intra-city cabs. Since then we have expanded our domain to inter-city cab, self-drive and launched our marquee Robocab feature.

We are always looking for feedback and suggestion to understand the market and commuter needs and we would love to hear from you at

Services Offered

1. Intra-City Cab Booking with Robocab

With Ola, Taxi For Sure, Meru and what not, the commuter has to juggle between the apps to decide what to book. Cabsguru provides a single app to the user to compare and book the most economical cab. Cabsguru with the feature of ROBOCAB revolutionizes the cab booking by making it completely hands free and it even works offline. It is your personal assistant for booking a cab anytime you want. Know more about ROBOCAB here: “LINK”

2. Inter-City Cab Booking

Cabsguru wants to change the out station cab booking market by providing commuters the option of booking economical and safe cab without the hassle of negotiation with the drivers. We ensure reliable taxi service with fixed rates, clean cars and verified drivers. With our presence in 8 cities across the nation, Cabsguru is one of the biggest player in the inter-city market. The option to choose between the standard and premium segment empowers the customer to choose across the domains of affordability and luxury.


3. Self-Drive Cars

As for some it is more fun driving the car than being driven around, Cabsguru also provides the user to book self-drive cars via the app. With the service present in almost all the metro cities, Cabsguru promises to ensure that your time in the city is optimized, while the weekend getaways are yours exclusively and not shared by a driver. Cars for self-drive come with 24x7 PAN India Road side assistance, all India permits and taxes and insurance. So no need to call shotgun anymore as you are in charge all the time.

The SELF-DRIVE segment has been launched in collaboration with ORIX (A Japanese Company) and with the Japanese onboard, we guarantee QUALITY, COMFORT, EASE and RELIABILITY every time and wherever needed.